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“I didn't have an appointment and they let me drop my car off for a flat tire. Three hours later I had my car back. Professional people and great service. Thanks”

Rodney Smith

Oct 28, 2022 – Destin, FL

“Had a nail in my tire here in Destin on vacation-called several places and no one would take me but finally called Tuffy's and they said bring it by and we will work you in-fixed problem same morning-great experience-highly recommend them-thanks to Austen Willage for taking care of me!”

Bill Moore

Oct 24, 2022 – Nashville, TN

“Trustworthy quality work with courteous staff.”

Charles Van Diver

Oct 24, 2022 – Destin, FL

“Was pleased to find a place in Destin that offers nitrogen for tires. The service was excellent. ”

Elaine Thomason

Aug 30, 2022 – Santa Rosa Be, FL

“Awesome place. Dropped off a leaking tire for repair. They got to it pretty quickly, fixed it and checked the sensor and didn’t even charge me. Great customer service and knowledgeable staff. Thanks Tuffy’s Destin. ”

Benny Acosta

Aug 28, 2022 – Destin, FL

“Super great crew. Got out vehicle in and out quickly. Thanks guys!!! Keep up the good work ”

Bobby Eddington

Aug 03, 2022 – Destin, FL

“Nail in tire of rental car - called Tuffys they got me in took the car even though they were slammed with customers and fixed the tire in less than 2 hours!!. If you’re looking for a trustworthy team these are the guys - EXCELLENT EXCELLENT - they put customers first and you see and feel it”

Michael Doyle

Aug 02, 2022 – Naperville, IL

“Austen & crew are awesome polite, prompt, precise! Ed ”

Edward Eich

Jun 12, 2022 – Miramar Beach, FL

“Had a slow leak in a tire. Went to two other repair shops and was told to leave it overnight. Stopped by Tuffy and though they were busy, they took it in and I was out of there in no time and the price was definitely right. Friendly, quick, no hassles. Will keep them in mind next time I have an issue.”

Dave Wildeman

Apr 18, 2022 – Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Had a flat due to a nail. The crew took me right in and patched my flat…no charge (I tipped the repairman). Couldn’t have been nicer people. Thanks Tuffy!”

Robert Farmer

Mar 30, 2022 – Atlanta, GA

“Dropped in to have tires rotated. On way home noticed a rattle from left front wheel. Came back next day and issue was fixed in an hour. No charge as well!! Great service all around. I will be back if more auto work is needed.”

Paul Banks

Dec 07, 2021 – Ottawa, ON

“Great place. Would highly recomend it to everybody. Thanks”

Jason Barr

Nov 11, 2021 – Crestview, FL

“These guys were so awesome! We kept looking for air due to low tire pressure. Every place we stopped had a torn up hose. In desperation I stopped here. They were kind and acted like we were not bothering them and even said to come back if we needed to while in town! Thank you all so much...”

Kathryn Swann

Sep 01, 2021 – Valdosta, GA

“We were driving from ATL to Destin and on our way the front drivers side brakes started grinding really badly. We called after arriving to town to see if we could get a brake job before we returned to ATL. The Tuffy staff said come on in, let us inspect, and we will help you out. They could have soaked us for a full brake job but it turned out, the bolts on the caliper had come loose and one was missing. They found us a new bolt and tightened all of them to spec on the rest of the wheels for a very reasonable nominal fee. ”

Dwight Hartman

Aug 01, 2021 – Peachtree City, GA

“Shoot out to Tully’s they were great we were in a real pickle and they were able to put new brakes on our vehicle so we could get back to Virginia same day service and they also provided Lyft service to and from great relief I like that it was owned by a veteran Triple AAA was accepted Little more than we wanted to pay but hats off to those hard working staff Great job ”


Feb 04, 2021 – Woodbridge, VA

“Knowledgeable, efficient, honest. What more do you want?!”

Joseph H

May 29, 2020 – Miramar Beach, FL

“A BIG shout out of appreciation to Tuffy’s, Josh, the young man who tested my battery and then installed a new one, and to the young man who helped in trying to find my security code. After neighbors had gotten my car started in my garage with a ‘jump box’ I drove across the highway to Tuffy's, called in and talked to Josh. I said Josh, I’m a ‘senior’ who has been confined due to the Corona virus and I think I have a dead battery. . I am in front of your business. Can you help me? Josh said, “I sure can!” He came right out and from a distance with my window partially down he got my name and phone number. Everything else was done by phone as I sat in the car. I can’t believe I had drive-up curbside service to get a new battery. I could not have been treated any nicer! Everyone was sensitive, courteous and professional! I highly recommend this business! THANK YOU!”

Kay C

Apr 07, 2020 – Destin, FL

“My daughter,boyfriend, roommate and dog, broke down in the Panhandle of Florida en route home from college in Colorado to stay with me during the COVID-19 quarantine. AAA advised that we call Tuffy's. Austin and Corey were caring, efficient and honest. We needed a new alternator and battery. They prioritized our repair to get the young adults back on the road as fast as possible I am forever grateful to them including the mechanic and receptionist.”

Greta P

Apr 02, 2020 – Vero Beach, FL

“While vacationing with my family this week I walked out to our truck and found a flat tire that I thought would completely derail our day. The guys at Tuffy’s got us back on the road in no time. I really appreciated the quick and very friendly service. Thanks guys!”

Christian P

Mar 17, 2020 – Ripon, WI

“Went in with a couple of problems. Fixed - in less than an hour. With the right parts. And without an appointment They have serviced, repaired and extended the life of both of our vehicles for 16 years. Tuffys is a national treasure!”

Joseph H

Feb 26, 2020 – Miramar Beach, FL

“Corey was really helpful. I had my truck's oil changed. Excellent overall. ”

Adam S

Feb 21, 2020 – Pensacola, FL

“We just returned from Florida. While there we had issues with a couple of our tires. The first time we showed up without an appointment and they took us quickly and resolved our issue. The second time we did have an appointment and once again the issue was resolved quickly and efficiently. The young lady and young man at your reception desk have amazing customer service skills. We would certainly recommend you to any of our snow bird friends. Thank you.”

Ken M

Feb 19, 2020 – North Bay, ON

“Took my wife's car in for an oil and filter change. Very quick and friendly. Can't beat the price with a coupon!!! Sure beats the dealership!!! Very pleased, Will bring in my truck when the oil change time comes!!!”

William Brumleve

Dec 08, 2019 – Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“My car broke down in down in destin while my wife and I were celebrating her birthday. And they got me back up in running in no time!! They have such a great service and they are wonderful people!!:)”

Steven H

Oct 07, 2019 – Thomasville, GA

“Stopped for nail in tire and I was in and out within 20 minutes. Service was excellent and they were very polite. Thank you Team Tuffy Destin. ”

Ben Newman

May 28, 2019 – Mesquite, TX

“ I just want to give a shout out to Tuffy and Dustin and Josh as well as Jeff who were all there for me. I drove down from Fairborn Ohio on Saturday and found out along the way that I had no AC. I called their 888 number and spoke with Jeff. He got in touch with Josh who came in on his day off to fix my AC. It would’ve been a very hot week without it. In my humble opinion, they went above and beyond to help me out and it was very sincerely appreciated. You guys are incredibly generous! Thank you so much!”

Debbie H

May 06, 2019 – Fairborn, OH

“Doug was awesome ”

Kevin P

Mar 24, 2019 – Destin , FL

“Likely the best service I have received in 50 years of driving. Very professional, fair and understanding. Even provided a loaner car for me. If I lived here this would be the only place I take my car.”

Foster L

Feb 05, 2019 – Destin, FL

“This is the big shout out THANK YOU to the whole Tuffy crew working on Wed, Jan 23. They got my bad tire changed out and even my roll up bed cover back on track - all as a courtesy. I promised I'd let y'all know when I got the set of new tires, and I did, but YOU got me home safely from Destin (and it was a great time all around). Thank you, thank you, thank you. I did not realize I had a Tuffy reasonably nearby (Pflugerville TX), so I went to my local fave Discount Tire. Rest assured, I will find a way to visit that other Tuffy. But I think you are the BEST!”

Suzanne C

Feb 05, 2019 – Georgetown, TX

“Would've given a 10 star because these guys went above and beyond to make sure me n my wife were back on the road in hours even though we had major brake issues, just moved here n found myself a mechanic for life...don't know everybody names but Austin n Rick n everybody else there thank you so much ”

Doug K

Jan 19, 2019 – Destin , FL

“While living in AL I would wait to come to Destin to have my car worked on. Recently needed a lot of work on my car. My husband has passed away and I was afraid of ... pretty much everything. Everything was explained to me. When I left a warning light (which had not been a problem) came on- I panicked- afraid issues had not been taken care of. I was showin how small fragments of a branch had become dislodged and caused the reading. Easy and done! Thank you!”

Diana G

Jan 17, 2019 – Miramar Beach, FL

“Fabulous service. Being from Illinois we were concerned as to where to gave a leaking tire checked. Chose Tuffys simply by their reviews. Tuffys deserves each and every 5 Star they received. Even though all of the boys were filled and seemed to have card waiting for service they got ys in within 5 minutes or arrival. There was a very small piece of metal in our tire thus causing a very slow leak. No charge! You never hear if such a thing today. Austyn (front desk) was friendly, cheerful and an all around good person. Thank you for making our stay that much better. Job well done.”

Chris H

Jan 07, 2019 – Galesburg, IL

“We have been having our cars and trucks serviced here for years and they are always wonderful! So friendly and knowledgeable. They go above and beyond!”

STephanie Roessler

Nov 06, 2018 – Miramar Beach, FL

“I stopped by back in June while on a girl's beach trip. I had a tire that was leaking. They were super busy but the gentleman came out to my vehicle, checked my tire and plugged it. He didn't charge me a dime. This is how you gain customers. Definitely would recommend this place. ”

Shannon W

Aug 21, 2018 – Tuscaloosa, FL

“I live in AL. While visiting Destin had a minor car problem and took it to Tuffy's. Despite the large number of customers everyone was greeted and cared for quickly, efficiently and courteously. I now purposely plan my car service and repairs to coincide with my trips to my family in Destin. You have real men (not kids who look like they couldn't get a job in McDonalds) Who work like they are obviously professionals (not new faces every time you go in), Even a complicated problem was handled efficiently and timely. SO GLAD I FOUND Y'ALL! I am moving to Destin in the near future and look forward to your continued great care! ”

Diana G

Jul 25, 2018 – Elberta, AL

“We love our Tuffy Service. They have always taken good care of our car (and us.) They are prompt, efficient and accommodating. We highly recommend our local Tuffy guys. Carole Duncan and Barbara Kaster”

Barbara k

Jul 18, 2018 – Miramar Beach, FL

“5 Stars as always! Great team!!!”

Mark B

Jul 15, 2018 – Miramar Beach, FL

“We are here out of town for a quick vacation and had nail in the tire. The nice people at Tuffy fixed us up in a hurry. We are headed back to the beach. Thanks to their great service! Great job! ”

Kristie T

Jul 02, 2018 – Destin, FL

“My 2009 Honda Odyssey van broke down on the last day of our Destin trip. This was one of the only places open on Sunday. Understand, it is July 4 weekend and Destin is packed with people, so the auto shops are overwhelmed. I talked to Corey (a master mechanic there) and asked if he thought if they could replace my alternator before the close of business on Sunday (I had to make it back home!). Not only did they fix the van on time for a reasonable cost, but he diagnosed a problem that none of my mechanics in Memphis have been able to solve! Turns out, my Memphis mechanic didn't use Honda Power Steering Fluid when they redid my power steering. Because of that, there has been a constant squeel (hard to describe noise) ever since they tried to fix it. Literally had three different Memphis shops try to diagnose and no one could fix the noise. I didn't even ask Corey to look at that, he just did on his basic diagnostic test. I am so grateful for the timeliness and expertise that this place gave to me. I highly recommend it. We come to Destin a few times a year, I may wait and have things done at Tuffy Auto Service Center. They are that good! PS. Their warranty works for any shop in the country, another thing to like about them.”

jeff m

Jul 01, 2018 – CORDOVA, TN

“These guys are always busy but when I have had an emergency or when I have had a situation that looked like it could lead to an emergency this Tuffy has always made time to help me. I drive 20 minutes to this location because of good service and excellent results for my car.”

Randy C

Jun 06, 2018 – Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Caught a nail... dropped the car off the next morning at 8:15 without appointment. They told me I could get it back early afternoon. At 12:30 they called me the car is ready. I went to pick it up and they charged me only the most minimal fee... NOTHING! I was very happy for the great service and complementary repair. This small gesture just makes me going back again and again and tell everybody how great they are! Thank you guys! ”

Markus D

May 21, 2018 – Destin, FL

“I was om vacation & my Volvo wagon tire light came on. I had to have new break pads & the calipers were remade! Tim could not have been more helpful ,ordering parts from Montgomery.......& & getting everything ready for me to head home the next day, thank you Tuffy for all your good help,”

Jo P

May 15, 2018 – Cleveland, MS

“We had a bolt fall out of a front brake rotor traveling to Seagrove. We stopped by Tuffy's Auto Service located on Hghwy 98 in Destin. They service Lexus vehicles. Josh diagnosed and fixed the problem within an hour even though the service area was very busy. The best part....NO CHARGE for the friendly service! The Newtons - Louisville. PS: Clean restroom with baby-changing table.”

Paul N

Apr 27, 2018 – Louisville, FL

“I have been going to TUFFY for years and year after year my entire family has been more than pleased with service”

mike p

Apr 26, 2018 – destin, FL

“Quality people. I was on vacation and detected a small exhaust leak (little louder than usual) on my Acura MDX. They identified source and said I’d be fine for drive home. Honest guys.... they didn’t even charge me for putting SUV on hoist. I’d highly recommend this place...these guys have integrity.”

Pat M

Apr 25, 2018 – London, ON

“As a local dealer Emerald Coast Motor Cars Destin, I highly recommend Tuffy’s to all my customers and my on cars. Great staff and service!!”

Stan H

Apr 15, 2018 – Destin , FL

“I was amazed with the tire service that I received during our recent vacation stay in Destin (4/7/18). I experienced a leak in the left rear tire. I went to Walmart cause it was raining and we were going to buy few things for our new condo. They said it would be 2 hours, so we left and went to Good Year. We were just going up 98 looking for tire repair shops. Good Year said 3 hours to wait, so we left and went to Tuffy and they immediately had one of their mechanics come out, jack the car up and examine the tire. He found 2 nails in tire and repaired the tire. When I went to check out they told me no charge - I can't believe this! Not only were they quick to help me compared to first 2 places we stopped, then no charge. I told them I was going live there part time and they would be my place of choice for car of my car. So if you are in Destin and need help go there first not these other places. They were amazing!!”

Bobby Jones

Apr 13, 2018 – Collierville, FL

“I recently moved to Destin and needed car service for a Lexus. I had been to a competitor business beside my home and wasn't pleased; therefore, I thought I would give Tuffy a try after reading the reviews. I could NOT have been more pleased with the service, knowledge and friendliness at Tuffy! I was in need of an air filter that had to be ordered from the Lexus dealership. Tim and Kendall had it shipped and on my car the next day because they knew I had to go out of town.. I highly recommend this place!! I will definitely be bringing my car back!! ”

Phyllis M

Mar 28, 2018 – Destin , FL

“As always Tuffy has been very helpful in all our service and requests for additional help with our cars or any projects we ask of them. It is a pleasure in working with them.”

Larry F

Mar 20, 2018 – Destin, FL

“We had a low tire, pulled in and was immediately assisted. Technician found a nail in the tire. Repaired the nail hole and sent on our way with NO CHARGE. I was expecting to pay a fee for the repair, but they would not let me. Great service!”

Erwin D

Feb 25, 2018 – Big Canoe, GA

“Back in town for a little while, went by to get my car checked out before returning home, found out that I had an issue with my brakes. 1.5 hrs. later all taken care of and on my way. Always get great service here. Thanks guys.”

ray W

Feb 21, 2018 – Huntsville, AL

“I was amazed with the tire service that I received during our recent vacation stay in Destin (2/14/18). I have run flat tires and experienced a leak in the left rear tire. I went to Tuffy and they immediately had one of their mechanics come out, jack the car up and examine the tire. He found a small nail in the tread pattern, removed the tire and went back to the garage to repair. I'm thinking, he's coming back and telling me that the tire needs to be replaced and try to sell me a $300 replacement tire. No he came back with a repaired, patched tire and placed back on the car. I was very happy about not having to purchase a new tire. When I went to check out they told me no charge - I can't believe this! Said just buy the mechanic lunch so I gave him cash for this guy's lunch. Outstanding service!!! ”

Steve M

Feb 21, 2018 – MASON, OH

“These folks CARE! Fast, efficient service is their modus operandi and they're knowledgeable too. As an -out-of-towner who just received their 'southern hospitality', I'm a fan. Thanks very much.”

A Emsley

Feb 16, 2018 – FRANKLIN, FL

“Thanks to Kendall and the crew for the fast, quality service. ”

Josh W

Feb 14, 2018 – Destin, FL

“Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend. 10AM appointment was started at 10:10AM. Not bad. Also, excellent coffee.”

Lee H

Feb 14, 2018 – Traverse City, MI

“The only place to go in Destin for tire service. Great staff - honest, efficient, and hard working. ”

Dorian D

Feb 13, 2018 – Destin, FL

“Stopped at Tuffy’s today, had a left turn signal bulb go out. We were in Destin for the winter n didn’t know where to go. They were extremely busy, cars on every rack & lined up outside waiting. They were very friendly and sent a service man out right away n had me on my way in 10 min. It would have been easy for them to say we are too busy you will have to go somewhere else, after all it was not a big job. I would highly recommend them, that is service that you just don’t get anymore.”

Jim H

Feb 09, 2018 – Hendersonville, TN

“Great service given to an out of owner. Made to feel welcome and appreciated. Great bunch of guys.”

Ray w

Feb 08, 2018 – Huntsville, AL

“Excellent service, thorough,quick and complete. Staff is great to deal with”

Mike D

Feb 07, 2018 – Destin, FL

“I have been a client of Tuffy's Destin since they opened over a decade ago. I always refer my friends & family knowing they will be treated fairly & honestly. Kendall is a first class gentleman. James S.”

James S

Feb 06, 2018 – Destin, FL

“Tuffy's of Destin has performed all my auto repair work for the past 15-years and Wendell Rudd and his manager, Kendall McClure, have always done a great job and given me the best pricing for my auto repairs. Also, I have bought my tires and had all my routine oil changes performed by them too. They are open 7-days a week and this is always beneficial to my work schedule. GREAT GUYS TO WORK ON ALL YOU AUTO NEEDS!”

kevin g

Feb 06, 2018 – Destin, FL

“Pouring down Rain, Wipers stopped working, had vehicle sold... Got the part,got it put on same day!,,, Sold vehicle... These are your go to guys in a pinch, and reasonable... Thanks”

Mark S

Jan 03, 2018 – Miramar,Beach , FL

“Tuffy in Destin is Awesome. I have been a customer since 2006. My car is always taken care of there. And the people are helpful and friendly. ”

Ronnie H

Dec 19, 2017 – Panama City Beach , FL


Lisa R

Dec 06, 2017 – Destin, FL

“Perfect service! Since it was going to take 4 hours, you kindly loaned us a car!! We love all of you!”

Barbara K

Dec 05, 2017 – Miramar Beach, FL

“The best auto repair anywhere. Bar none. ”

Dan W

Nov 17, 2017 – Destin, FL

“The best auto repair that I have ever found in my 74 years”

Danny W

Nov 14, 2017 – Destin, FL

“While visiting Seaside I had a tire losing air. As it was a Sunday most repair shops were closed. I found Tuffy's on Google and drove to Destin to the shop where they found a large nail in my tire which unfortunately it couldn't be repaired. The young man that helped me, CoreyLerandeau, explained the situation so that I and my husband back understood that the tire had to be replaced. Corey and the young man that put the tire on (didn't get his name) were very helpful and respectful. The facility including the restroom was spotless. Thanks so much for making an unpleasant situation much better. I highly recommend.”

Ann P

Oct 16, 2017 – Dallas, FL

“Corey did an excellent job of taking care of of my needs.”

Larry G

Oct 01, 2017 – Destin, FL

“Outstanding businesses. The mechanic Scott is excellent and took the time to communicate with me personally. Management of this businesses is excellent ”

David S

Sep 01, 2017 – Santa Rosa beach, FL

“Outstanding businesses. The mechanic Scott is excellent and took the time to communicate with me personally. Management of this businesses is excellent ”

David S

Sep 01, 2017 – Santa Rosa beach, FL

“I needed two low beam head lamps and they cost exactly what Cory quoted me over the phone. Although the waiting area was full, they still got me out in under an hour. That's great service.”

Ronald Stewart

Jun 06, 2017 – MIRAMAR BEACH, FL

“Friendly and knowledgeable young man at the front, Zach, good service and let me know of services that are coming up. Will be back.”

Ray W

Apr 20, 2017 – Destin, FL

“ As always Tuffy provides outstanding service I've been going there since they opened many years ago ”

Dan W

Mar 28, 2017 – Destin, FL

“Kendall was very helpful and explained all of the repairs that I needed. ”

Sheila C

Mar 17, 2017 – Destin, FL


Joseph H

Mar 09, 2017 – Destin, FL



Mar 07, 2017 – DESTIN, FL

“Have been using and referring Tuffy in Destin for many years. I was one of your first customers. Very concerned about turnover with management Gen And losing the best mechanic I have ever dealt with, jay. With Jay leaving you will be losing a lot of customets”

David B

Oct 13, 2016 – Santa Rosa Beach , FL

“Great store with good staff and always quality workmanship. Store owner/manager Wendell Rudd runs a GREAT store!!”

kevin g

Aug 31, 2016 – miramar beach, FL

“Everyone was friendly, helpful and eficient”

Ed M

Aug 22, 2016 – Miramar Beach, FL

“Your guys were very honest and straight forward. An adjustment to my windshield wipers solved my problem. Others might have wanted me to spend money on replacing the wiper motor. I appreciate the courtesy displayed by your personnel.”


Aug 16, 2016 – MIRAMAR BEACH, FL

“the guys were most helpful--accommodated our shortage of vehicles that day--took my wife back home so she didn't have to sit around shop and called to let her know when car was ready in a very timely way! these folks are very helpful and RELIABLE!!! ”

Greg C.

Jul 15, 2016 – Destin, FL

“I had to tow car from tuffys because of insurance, they were great! I bring my vehicles there good service. ”

Nick B

May 18, 2016 – Destin, FL

“I use Tuffy for last 5 years, it's best service I ever have.”

Ekaterina I

May 04, 2016 – Destin, FL

“I was visiting my Daughter Brie in Destin, and she had a coupon flyer on her table from Tuffy in Destin. I had been pricing windshield wiper blades at Discount Auto part stores and had found out they were ridiculously over priced! As much as $34.00 each!! Sticker shock is where I was at! Of course it had been raining for a few days, that lovely liquid sunshine N.W.F. is famous for, and the streak my current blades were leaving had simply gotten to where It was driving me crazy! So without an appointment and a BOGO coupon, I just showed up and was treated like a queen! Fresh coffee, a friendly kitty cat, a clean waiting area with reading material galore. I was blessed with a great price, super fast quality service, not to mention even with paying them labor, it was cheaper than doing it myself! Thank you God for leading me to a great place, where I will return before the end of the month, because I got another coupon, this time an oil change! ”

Debra F.

Apr 26, 2016 – Destin, FL

“Always very professional staff when I am in your establishment. They make you have all the confidence in the world in them! Once again, thank you Tuffy's Destin!!!”

Kim B

Apr 11, 2016 – Destin, FL

“I have had two cars serviced at Tuffy in Destin and for over 10 years ..... always happy with the results. ”

Cheryl R

Apr 11, 2016 – Destin, FL

“I stopped by a competitors shop just before 5:30, knowing they closed at 6. Although this shop had 1 customer, in 8 bays, and only 1 tech and one manager, the best they could do was offer me an appointment the next day to plug my currently leaking front tire. Still with a leaking tire, I plundered on and saw that this Tuffy's did tire work along with mechanical repairs. When I pulled in, their bays were all full, their parking lot was full, and they had every tech on a job, the manager MET ME AT THE DOOR, with a SMILE, and when I told him my issue, he told me to pull up to the middle bay and they would take care of it. What...YOU'RE PACKED with WORK, and you will have someone plug my tire, ON THE SPOT, with a SMILE. To top it all off, he asked that I tip the tech...that's all, no charge. I tipped the tech $20 and I still cannot believe the service I received, especially after my visit and experience at the Goodyear store just 10 minutes earlier. Unbelievably good service, which is a rare commodity these days, so again, to the Manager and tech's at Tuffy's in Destin, THANK YOU, and keep up the great work and honest to goodness SERVICE with a smile. OUTSTANDING!”

Darrell B

May 14, 2015 – Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“Friendly, professional, timely service!!! Brought the car in at 8 AM had to get a radiator and install it and was on the road by 1 PM awesome! Thank you!!!”

Carl O

Mar 14, 2015 – Destin, FL

“Very economical, great price, great service. will definitely go back and recommend on facebook”

Holly V

Feb 22, 2015 – destin, FL

“Took my truck in yesterday for an oil change, and my daughters car today for an oil change and a couple of other issues. Great service from the front desk, job completion, and expedited service. ”

Dave G

Aug 07, 2014 – SRB, FL

“Given great service quickly, as well as precise diagnostics on my vehicle.”

Nate K

Mar 05, 2014 – Destin, FL

“While visiting Destin I noticed my rear tire rapidly deflating. I pulled into the Destin Tuffy's and asked if they could help. Within less than 5 minutes my problem was solved - the leak was fixed and the manager sent me on my way AT NO CHARGE! I was very pleased and frankly shocked by the friendly, effecient help - again at no charge. There is no Tuffy's in my home town of Alpharetta, Ga but if there was I would be a regular customer. I was impressed!!!!”

Peter J

Mar 03, 2013 – Bromstad, GA

“Love this place. Always honest and fair priced.”

Daniel S

Jun 13, 2012 – Destin, FL